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Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade were stopped by security for being too sexy

Gabrielle Union Shares Her Infertility & Surrogate Journey

In a new cover story interview with Women’s Health, Gabrielle Union was very transparent about her infertility and surrogate journey, as well as all the feelings she is experiencing even after her baby has finally arrived. In regards to finally deciding to go the surrogate route, Union stated: “The idea of it felt like surrendering… Read more »

Dwayne Wade Shares Heartfelt Message About His 2018

Dwayne Wade’s start to the new year came with a heartfelt message about his rollercoaster ride of a year in 2018. From bringing his newborn baby girl into the world with his wife, Gabrielle Union, to announcing his retirement from the NBA, Wade explained that he’s ready for all that 2019 has to bring which… Read more »

Gabrielle Union's Bad Boy spinoff gets a shot on NBC

Gabrielle Union Kissing Her New Babygirl Is The Cutest Thing

Gabrielle Union, the mother, is still new to us so no wonder this video of her kissing her newborn baby girl it such a tear jerker. Union and her husband, Dwayne Wade, just welcomed this baby girl into the world by surrogate. Be sure to watch their sit down with Oprah Winfrey tomorrow [December 8th]… Read more »

Gabrielle Union clarified her points on sexual equality in the bedroom

Gabrielle Union Clarified Her Points on Sexual Equality in the Bedroom

Gabrielle Union clarified her points on sexual equality in the bedroom. After an interview she gave had the internet all hot, bothered and lathered up, Gabrielle made clear what her conversation was about. She posted on Twitter, “I was talking about is reciprocity. Sexual gratification should include BOTH partners. Women shouldnt be only givers. Used… Read more »

Gabrielle Union Talks About Self-Love REAL SELF LOVE

Gabrielle Union talks about self-love REAL SELF LOVE. Her book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, is what’s she promoting. She apparently is spilling all sorts of tea. She said in an interview, “I use to have this oversized stuffed animal that had like a potbelly and I like laid on it. And I was like,… Read more »