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Faith Evans & Stevie J Working On A Baby

Essence Magazine caught up with Stevie J and Faith Evans on the Pre-Grammy Gala red carpet. As apart of their interview we were able to find out that they’re, in fact, working on children, but twins are specifically Stevie’s preference. When asked what all they’re working on together, Evans stated: “We’re working on finishing up… Read more »

Faith Evans Explains Why She Sung at Kim Porter’s Funeral

Kim Porter’s, Diddy’s ex and mother of three of his children, homegoing service was held this past weekend in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia. A video has since surfaced of Faith Evans singing ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow’ at the funeral. Evans explained to TMZ why exactly she performed that song in honor of… Read more »

There's a petition to get Starz to drop 50 Cent for mocking Terry Crews

50 Cent Posted Then Deleted Posts Trashing All Eyez on Me

50 Cent posted then deleted posts trashing All Eyez on Me. Diddy didn’t delete the post calling the Tupac movie “trash.” One post 50 deleted was, “When you look at this 2 PAC movie, and I know you want to say I’m hating. But there’s a scene in it where faith and PAC are taking a… Read more »

Faith Evans Ended Her Drama with Lil Kim a Long Time Ago

Diddy is being sued for sexual harrassment. I’ll #spillthetea. Faith Evans released the drama with Lil Kim a long time ago. Morris Chestnut’s “Rosewood” is toast. Thanks for checking out Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Faith Evans’ Problem With Lil Kim Died with Biggie

Faith Evans was happy to have Lil Kim contribute to her “The King and I,” CD with Biggie. “My issues with Kim really went out the window when B.I.G. passed, to be quite honest,” Evans said. “It’s something that people always kind of talk about, but it’s certainly nonexistent. Thankfully now, she’s in a different place… Read more »

Faith Evans Shares Rare Home Videos Of Biggie

Faith Evans is sharing rare home videos of Biggie in the video, “Legacy,” the first song from her album, “The King and I,” dropping May 19. It’s a duets album with her and Biggie. Lil Cease is used to fill in some gaps and there’s more. Read here.

Faith Evans is Not Dating Stevie J – But She Did

Faith Evans spilled the tea on Stevie J. They’ve known each other a long time. And dated. It was tough. He just came out of all the drama with Joseline Hernandez. Faithwill always have love for Steebie but no….  

Faith Evans Settles Lawsuit Over Bad Boy Reunion Tour

I told you last year about Faith Evans being sued by promoter Jeremy Hill. He had booked her fora show in Atlanta. The word came out that she was on the Bad Boy Tour and it was going to be in Atlanta two days before his show. He claimed breach of contract. He claimed he… Read more »

CNN Confuses Faiths

CNN reported that Faith was releasing an album of duets with Biggie 20 years after his murder. CNN’s news was great except they confused Faith Evans with Faith Hill. Faith Hill, of course is a country superstar, married to country superstar Tim McGraw. Faith Hill was great about it and so was Faith Evans. See the… Read more »