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Michelle Obama partied with Tina Knowles at the Jay-Z and Beyonce concert

Michelle Obama Is The Highest Selling Author of 2018

What a way to put an end to 2018 for Michelle Obama being that her recently released memoir, Becoming, only launched two weeks ago but has outsold every book that was released this year. Becoming is officially the Best Selling Book of 2018. Becoming has since sold over 2 million copies and is on track… Read more »

Some people aren’t happy about the Obamas Netflix deal

Barack Obama Makes Surprise Visit on Michelle Obama’s Book Tour

Michelle Obama had Tracee Ellis Ross host her Los Angeles book tour stop. A very exciting and intimate conversation happened between the two ladies, but it was even more exciting to have her husband, former President of the United States, Barack Obama, stop by in Washington, DC. Barack was just as charismatic as usual as… Read more »

Tracee Ellis Ross almost did not do blackish because she didn't like Anthony Anderson

Michelle Obama Sits With Tracee Ellis Ross For LA Book Tour Stop

Our former first lady, Michelle Obama, has set out on her highly anticipated book tour. She made her stop in Los Angeles last week and had Tracee Ellis Ross host the discussion. As apart of the conversation, Michelle Obama was very transparent in discussing her relationship with our former president, Barack Obama, the troubles they… Read more »

Michelle Obama says women that voted for Trump voted against their voices

Michelle Obama Says Women That Voted for Trump Voted Against Their Voices

Michelle Obama says women that voted for Trump voted against their voices. The former FLOTUS was speaking at a marketing conference. Mrs. Obama said, “Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice.” I’m sure the blowback started before the sun came up. See and read more here.

Melania Trump Slapped President Trump's Hand Away

Melania Trump Slapped President Trump’s Hand Away

Melania Trump slapped President Trump’s hand away while walking away from Air Force One after it landed in Israel. News? Not really. Maybe she’s irritated with him. THAT can’t be hard to imagine. Maybe she’s not well. Maybe..whatever…LOL She clearly wasn’t feeling the moment. None of us are. Should we read anything into it? Nah…. Read more »

Rihanna is NOT Interested in Going Back to Breezy or Drake

Rihanna is not interested in going back to Chris Brown or Drake. I’ll #spillthetea. BET’s celebration of the First Family airs tonight. Fat Joe wants out of his agreement with Big Pun’s widow, Liza Rios. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!