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Daniel Caesar is apologizing for offending people on social media

Black Culture Has Decided To Cancel Daniel Caesar

Last night [March 20th], Daniel Caesar took to Instagram Live to express his feelings on a rather controversial topic. The ‘Best Part’ singer admitted that he was drunk but went on to ask, “Why are we[black people] being so mean to YesJulz. Just last week, a video clip of YesJulz bashing Karen Civil and Scottie… Read more »

TI wished Tiny a happy birthday despite their marital issues

TI Wished Tiny a Happy Birthday Despite Their Marital Issues

TI wished Tiny a happy birthday despite their marital issues. TI was in Las Vegas for a ‘meet and greet’ and decided to go on Instagram live at midnight to wish Tiny a happy birthday. He asked fans to flood her timeline with birthday wishes.  He said, “Cheers! All hale the queen.” “You need to hurry… Read more »

T.I. Cheated on Tiny with the Hired Help - The Family Hustle

Tiny Says T.I. Needs to Come Home

T.I. and Tiny’s separation and impending divorce have had lots of people wondering if they’ll get back together. A fan asked Tiny about her and Tip on Instagram live. Tiny said, “He need to come back to me, baby. He need to come on back to me… I’m where I’m supposed to be at.” Watch… Read more »