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Dwayne Johnson thanked firemen who helped his daughter

Dwayne Johnson Thanked Firemen Who Helped His Daughter

Dwayne Johnson thanked firemen who helped his daughter. They helped him during a scary incident involving his 2 year old daughter, Jasmine, over the weekend. He thanked everyone from the doctors, nurses, LAFD first responders, UCLA medical team, and the 911 operator. His daughter Jasmine had some sort of medical emergency. More here.

Word is Tiffany Haddish got $800K in her deal with Netflix

Word is Tiffany Haddish Got $800K in Her Deal with Netflix

Word is Tiffany Haddish got $800K in her deal with Netflix. New York writer Myles E. Johnson tweeted, “Netflix gave Tiffany Haddish $800K. Can’t wait for the excuses and moving finish lines now.” Now folks have questions. The first being where did Myles E. Johnson get that figure. Tiffany announced her deal on social media but… Read more »

The Rock and the creator of Power Courtney Kemp are collaborating on a movie

The Rock is the Highest Paid Actor

The highest paid actor according to Forbes is Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a., The Rock made $64.5 million. That’s from Central Intelligence, Fast 8, and Baywatch. That more than doubled what he made last year. Others on the list, Jackie Chan at number two. Matt Damon, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp were 3,4, and 5. Will Smith was 18th. Read more here…. Read more »

Kevin Hart Made Michael Jordan Mad Once

T.I. and Tiny have known their daughter carries a gun. I’ll spill the tea. Kevin Hart speaks on the time he ticked off Michael Jordan. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea on Smooth R&B 105.7!

Kevin Hart and T.I. are doing a comedy show for Showtime

That Time Kevin Hart Ticked Off Michael Jordan

Kevin Hart is making the rounds promoting his new movie with Dwayne Johnson, “Central Intelligence.” He went on “Jimmy Kimmel,” and told a story about the time he made Michael Jordan mad while doing his stand up.

End of an Era! Jet and Ebony Sold!

I guess they finally got an offer too good to pass. After 71 years, Johnson Publishing has sold both magazines (Jet was digital only), to Austin-based Clear View Group, a private equity firm. No price was announced. What will change? Read more here.

Magic Johnson is living like a king on a $680k a week yacht

Magic Johnson says Prince was a big trash talker on the court

Magic Johnson was on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about how much trash Prince talked on the basketball court (Prince thought he had a real jump shot). Magic also had a great story about the time Prince wanted to come to theater to see a movie with friends – at 2am!

Nurse Text Pics of Patient’s Privates to Co-Workers

It happened in New York state. Kristen Johnson, 27, agreed to give up her nurses license and three years probation. In return, she won’t be charged with a felony. So, is she a sex offender now? Is the punishment good enough? The hospital is still most likely going to have to write a FAT check. Read… Read more »