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Regina Hall will play Samuel L Jackson's ex girlfriend in the Shaft reboot

Regina Hall’s Ideal Role Is A Serial Killer

When asked what Regina Hall would like to see more of in film and television she changed the question to center not necessarily what she wanted to see but what different roles she would actually like to play. Surprisingly, Hall admitted that she’s longing to play a serial killer role. More importantly, she just wants… Read more »

Marsai Martin of Black-ish gets her own movie deal

Marsai Martin of Black-ish Gets Her Own Movie Deal

Marsai Martin of Black-ish gets her own movie deal. Marsai plays “Diane,” on ABC’s “Black-ish.” Marsai will star in the movie, “Little.” She’ll make $200,000 and possibly another $300,000 if the movie does well. Plus there are other incentives too. Read about that here.