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Dez Bryant is getting dragged for not speaking up on protesting anthem

Dez Bryant Signs 1-Yr Deal With New Orleans Saints

Dez Bryant is officially returning to the NFL. After working out with the New Orleans Saints, the Saints have decided to sign Bryant to a 1-yr deal. Bryant took to Twitter to confirm the news. #ThrowuptheX — Dez Bryant (@DezBryant) November 7, 2018

Tiny's daughter Zonnique is being cheated on by her NFL boyfriend

Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique is Being Cheated on by Her NFL Boyfriend

Tiny’s daughter Zonnique is being cheated on by her NFL boyfriend. Zonnique and Damian Swann have been dating for over a year. They’ve known each other since high school. Damian is a defensive back for the New Orleans Saints. The side piece, from Houston has been in around a while. Read here.

Kyle Norman of Jagged Edge is being accused of child abandonment

Jagged Edge Kicks NFL Player Off the Stage

New Orleans Saints player Nick Fairley, who was named Grand Marshal of a Mardi Gras event in Mobile, Alabama, Nick’s hometown, got serious shaded by Jagged Edge. Nick went on stage during a performance by Jagged Edge. The performance was tied to the event. Jagged Edge kicked him off the stage. The quote was “get your big… Read more »