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Some people aren’t happy about the Obamas Netflix deal

Barack Obama Makes Surprise Visit on Michelle Obama’s Book Tour

Michelle Obama had Tracee Ellis Ross host her Los Angeles book tour stop. A very exciting and intimate conversation happened between the two ladies, but it was even more exciting to have her husband, former President of the United States, Barack Obama, stop by in Washington, DC. Barack was just as charismatic as usual as… Read more »

Tracee Ellis Ross almost did not do blackish because she didn't like Anthony Anderson

Michelle Obama Sits With Tracee Ellis Ross For LA Book Tour Stop

Our former first lady, Michelle Obama, has set out on her highly anticipated book tour. She made her stop in Los Angeles last week and had Tracee Ellis Ross host the discussion. As apart of the conversation, Michelle Obama was very transparent in discussing her relationship with our former president, Barack Obama, the troubles they… Read more »

President Trump will stop separating families with an executive order

President Trump Finally Stopped Separating Families with an Executive Order

President Trump finally stopped separating families with an executive order. He signed the executive order earlier today that will reverse the policy enacted last month. The president added, “We’re keeping families together, but we have to keep our borders strong.” Those children currently being held in “facilities” may be there a while. More here.

An ex-doorman says President Trump has a child with a former housekeeper

An Ex-Doorman Says Trump has a Child with a Former Housekeeper

An ex-doorman says President Trump has a child with a former housekeeper. Dino Sajudin says he was instructed not to criticize a housekeeper at one of Trump’s properties. The reason being she had a relationship with Trump and had a child with him. More here.

More than half of Americans think President Trump is racist

More Than Half of Americans Think President Trump is Racist

More than half of Americans think President Trump is racist. I’m not sure why a poll was needed for this but OK. The polkas done by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. 57% of Americans think Trump’s policies have been bad for Muslims. 56% think they’ve been bad for Hispanics. 47%, including three-quarters of… Read more »

Omarosa cries and says she's haunted by Trump's tweets

Omarosa Cries and Says She’s Haunted by Trump’s Tweets

Omarosa cries and says she’s haunted by Trump’s tweets. Omarosa, currently on Celebrity Big Brother,” on CBS, says America is not going to be OK with Trump as president. She says she tried to stop POTUS from tweeting. Read more here. #Omarosa is in tears while saying she was haunted by President #Trump's tweets. A… Read more »