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President Obama Called President Trump a B**********

President Obama is not a fan of #45. No surprise there. He even called President Trump a “b*********.” People magazine did a cover story on President Obama and former FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s life after the presidency. Two friends of the Obamas say he called Trump nothing but a “b**********,” after an election night phone call… Read more »

POTUS has ANOTHER reason to be jealous of President Obama

What Has President Obama Been Up To? WATCH!

President Obama is done with extended vacation and returned to public life today. He spoke at the University of Chicago. He didn’t speak on President Trump directly but he did speak on the current landscape.

President Obama Back to Public Life Starting Monday

President Obama’s extended vacation is coming to an end. He returns back to public life on Monday. First up, an appearance at the University of Chicago. People are waiting for Mr. Obama to speak about POTUS. But he has no intention on doing so. You gotta read what the plan is here.

Malia Obama confronted a very rude grandmother at Harvard

Malia Obama on a Date?

Malia Obama was spotted walking with a tall brotha in SOHO. No one know who he was but he was tall, dark and handsome. Malia and President Obama are both 6’1″. This dude was taller than that. Does she have a type? LOL Who knows. Live your live Malia! See her and dude here.

Mark Cuban Ready to Sell 10% of Mavs to Obama

President Obama has made it no secret that he’d like ownership in an NBA team. There’s even been talk about him being part of an ownership group. Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban is willing to sell 10-percent to the former president. But $300 million? For 10-perent? Kinda high…. More here.

Trump's $17 million home was damaged in St. Martin by Hurricane Irma

Trump Didn’t Mean Wiretapping…

Today was put up or shut up day for a certain POTUS. Trump accused former President Obama of wiretapping him during the election. POTUS never offered any proof/evidence. Well the White House is now saying Trump didn’t mean wiretapping when he said wiretapping. Press secretary Sean Spicer said,  “The President used the word wiretaps in quotes… Read more »

The Obamas’ Law Professor Says Michelle was Better

Charles Ogletree was President Obama and Michelle Obama’s law professor at Harvard. He was asked who was the better student, the president or former first lady. Professor Ogletree said Michelle. He also said it should’ve been Michelle in Oval Office.

It's been a little bit of a bumpy ride for Chrisette Michele this year

Chrisette Michele Compares Herself to President Obama

Chrisette Michele went on CNN to defend her decision to perform for President Trump. Chrisette compared herself to President Obama and the hate he got. She also talked about Black Twitter. “Black Twitter is not the entire country. Black Twitter is not the entire Black America. So I refuse to make 6,000 comments the voice of… Read more »

Read President Obama’s Farewell Letter to America

President Obama’s farewell letter to Americans is out. Here it is…. My fellow Americans, It’s a long-standing tradition for the sitting president of the United States to leave a parting letter in the Oval Office for the American elected to take his or her place. It’s a letter meant to share what we know, what… Read more »