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President Trump Said He Would Beat Oprah in a Presidential Race

President Trump said he would beat Oprah in a presidential race. Well what else would he say? He added that he knows her very well and one of her last shows was with him. I don’t think Oprah will run. She can do more for the world with what she’s doing now.

Folks need the president to explain where exactly is Nambia

Folks Need the President to Explain Where Exactly is Nambia

Folks need the president to explain where exactly is Nambia? POTUS told African leaders at a lunch in New York, “Nambia’s health system is increasingly self-sufficient.” Ok Mr. President, where is Nambia? Is it near Zamunda? You HAVE to read the responses on Twitter here.

5 deputies disciplined for not doing their job

Wow. That never happens. Five sheriff’s deputies were disciplined for not arresting a man who elbowed a protester in the face at a Donald Trump rally last week in North Carolina. We saw it. Rakeem Jones was elbowed in the face by John McGraw. Some of the deputy’s were demoted. Read more here.