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Columbus Short Served only 34 Days of a One Year Sentence

Columbus Short Admits He Too Was Molested As A Child

Since the release of the docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, celebrities have been speaking out on there particular stance on the topic. More recently, Columbus Short spoke out and admitted that he too had been molested as a young boy by his babysitter, similar to R. Kelly being molested by his sister. Watch Short took to… Read more »

John Legend will play Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar

John Legend Stands With The Victims of Surviving R. Kelly

The Surviving R. Kelly docu-series premiered last night and have viewers in an uproar. Of course, they took to social media to express their disgust with R. Kelly, but along with the find disgust they managed to find some appreciation for John Legend who appeared in the docu-series to tell his truth in regards to… Read more »

Twitter is totally not here for R Kelly going to Wakanda

R. Kelly Docu-Series Screening Cancelled Due To Bomb Threats

Last night, R. Kelly’s Lifetime docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, was set to premiere at private screening in New York City. As apart of the screening, R. Kelly’s accusers, their families, and former members of his inner circle were to speak out during a panel discussion with a few cultural influencers. Unfortunately, 30 minutes into the… Read more »

Check out Tony's Tea on Facebook Live

Check Out Tony’s Tea on Facebook Live

Check out Tony’s Tea on Facebook Live. More Tony’s Tea with your comments! We’re talking about it all! Lee Daniels, R Kelly, Wendy Williams, Joe Jackson, Michael Cohen, and all with your comments!

Wendy Williams is backtracking on her support for R Kelly

Wendy Williams is Backtracking on Her Support for R Kelly

Wendy Williams is backtracking on her support for R Kelly. Reportedly sponsors are ready to pull out on Wendy if she doesn’t stop forcing R Kelly on viewers. Earlier this year, Wendy got blow back when she said, “R Kelly wasn’t a ‘me too.’ Aaliyah voluntarily married him when she was 15 years old. Her parents voluntarily… Read more »

R Kelly's music streams are rising despite the Spotify ban

R Kelly’s Music Streams Are Rising Despite the Spotify Ban

R Kelly’s music streams are rising despite the Spotify ban. Earlier this month, streaming service, Spotify, announced that they were banning R Kelly music on their playlists. The ban comes after he was hit with multiple different sexual abuse accusations from over the years. According to Neilsen Music, during the week after Spotify announced their ban,… Read more »

From New Edition to BBD to RBRM

From New Edition to BBD to RBRM

From New Edition to BBD to RBRM. I’ll #spillthetea. Chris Brown is being sued for a rape at his home. R. Kelly’s music is removed from Spotify. Kind of. Thanks for watching #TonysTea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

R Kelly helped a couple announce they're having a baby

R Kelly Helped a Couple Announce They’re Having a Baby

R Kelly helped a couple announce they’re having a baby. Mike and Cara Thomas, saw R Kelly last night outside the Trump Hotel in Chicago. They asked him for a favor. They wanted his help to reveal they’re having a baby. He held the camera while they sang his song, “Havin a Baby.” Then he joined… Read more »