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Lebron's wife is not happy about Rihanna being a fan girl

Will Rihanna Be Sending Donald Trump A Cease & Desist Letter?

Last week, President Donald Trump played Pharell Williams’ popular song ‘Happy’ at one of  his rallies in Pittsburgh which entail resulted in a cease and desist letter being sent to Trump by Pharrell’s lawyer, Howard King. Obviously not learning his lesson, today Trump played Rihanna’s ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ at his rally in Chattanooga until… Read more »

Drake and Rihanna Top Spotify’s Decade of Discovery List

To celebrate Spotify’s 10th year anniversary, Spotify launched a Decade of Discovery list that features an all-time great streaming list of different categories. On that list, Drake came in at #1 as the ‘Most Globally Streamed Artist of all Time’ while Rihanna came in at #5, and Kanye at #6 on that same list. Drake… Read more »

LeBron James continues to grow his empire with a Madame CJ Walker series

Lebron James Hires Extensive Security for LA Mansion

This week, LAPD arrested 4 people who were responsible for more than 24 burglary acts on celebrities homes in which included Rihanna and Christina Milian. As if 24 homes was not enough, the robbers had a hit list of more than 12 more celebrity targets that of which included Lebron James. When James found out… Read more »

Rihanna's lookalike has been discovered in India

Rihanna’s Lookalike Has Been Discovered In India

Rihanna’s lookalike has been discovered in India. A model from Chhattisgarh, India has the internet doing a double take. Renee Kujur looks a lot like Rihanna. After getting mocked for her dark skin and “unconventional features,” Renee Kujur was told that the only way she could be a model is if she was a prostitute and… Read more »

Rihanna reportedly wants Chris Brown back in her life

Rihanna Reportedly Wants Chris Brown Back In Her Life

Rihanna reportedly wants Chris Brown back in her life. Chris Brown, who has hinted before that he’s not over Rihanna, is currently dating another woman, Agnes Mo, but apparently, she doesn’t need to worry because Rihanna isn’t looking for anything sexual – she only misses him as a friend and misses his “sense of humor.” Is “sense of… Read more »

Rihanna’s new eyeliner name is so very Rihanna

Rihanna’s New Eyeliner Name Is So Very Rihanna

Rihanna’s new eyeliner name is so very Rihanna. Rihanna just released a new eyeliner named after one of her most famous clapbacks. “Cuz I’m Black.” That was Ri-Ri’s reply back in 2011 after an online hater asked, “Why does her hair look so nappy” while referring to her “Man Down” single cover. Rihanna’s new Flyliner drops July 6th. More here.

Janet Jackson called 911 on her husband for a welfare check

Janet Jackson Called 911 on Her Husband for a Welfare Check

Janet Jackson called 911 on her husband for a welfare check. I’ll #spillthetea. LeBron’s wife supposedly doesn’t like Rihanna posting pictures of LeBron. Is the IRS coming for Katt Williams by using his ex? Plus news on Kanye, New Edition, Roseanne and more! With your comments. Janet Called 911 on Her Husband for a Welfare… Read more »