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Tina Turner has forgiven Ike Turner for years of physical abuse

Tina Turner’s Husband Gave Her A Kidney

Tina Turner is set to release her very own book really soon – titled ‘Tina Turner: My Love Story’. As apart of an excerpt that was released from the book, Tina Turner informed readers that her husband donated his kidney to her when she was in need of a kidney transplant. Tina expressed, “Erwin shocked… Read more »

Tina Lawson says Beyonce would be the perfect owner for the Houston Rockets

Tina Lawson With Her Tina Turner Impersonation!

Tina Lawson does a great Tina Turner. Tina explains, I love me some Tina Turner, even though I kinda look like Dolly Parton (who I like to)?? Me and my friends alll have on disguises, wigs for my birthday at a fancy restaurant! We look a little crae crae. Ha ha? Beyonce calls me “Tina Turn… Read more »