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A Wyoming ranch has banned rappers after Kanye's party

Kanye Has Beef With Drake

Kanye’s back at it again using Twitter as venting session that may be more fit for therapist. Last week he was directing subtweets towards pop star, Ariana Grande. Now he has moved on to Twitter beefing with Drake. In a series of tweets, Kanye basically explained that Drake threatened him and his family and how… Read more »

Kanye comes to his senses

Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa got in a very stupid Twitter beef last week. It got really ugly when Kanye dragged Wiz’ ex, Amber Rose, and their son, Sebastian. Well it seems Kanye now realizes he was wrong. Read his apology here.

Kanye West responds to Amber Rose

Amber tweeted that she used to “massage Kanye’s prostate” (I’m trying to keep it respectable here – LOL). He responded with a tweet….see it here.

Amber Rose goes in on Kanye

Amber Rose felt like it was her obligation to go in on Kanye West after Kanye went in on her and her son with Wiz Khalifa, Sebastian. Yeezy and Wiz had a Twitter beef yesterday. She SERIOUSLY went there. Check out more here.