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Leon Briges - The Tony Scott Interview
Leon Bridges was in to promote his DFW Concert!

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President Obama Went to Kenya to Support His Sister

News by tonyscott

President Obama went to Kenya to support his sister. The former president’s half-sister, Dr. Auma Obama’s charitable organization built a sports training center. It’s named after their father. It was his first visit to Kenya since 2015. More here.

Scientists Say A Bad Marriage Can Seriously Damage Your Health

News by tonyscott

Scientists say a bad marriage can seriously damage your health. Researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of Nevada found that the marital head-butting of heterosexual couples negatively affects the health of husbands and wives. Men suffered more than women. When you argue, the body can experience inflammation, changes in appetite and the increase in… Read more »

Morehouse College Kicked Out Papa John’s Pizza From Their Campus

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Morehouse College kicked out Papa John’s pizza from their campus. After last week’s news of Papa John’s founder John Schnatter using the N word during a conference call, Morehouse suspended their relationship with Papa John’s. Last Friday, Morehouse sent out a tweet saying they are “exploring all options for removal of the franchise from campus in light… Read more »