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Mo’Nique’s Beef With Tyler Perry is Over After Tyler Perry Called Her


Mo'Nique's beef with Tyler Perry is over

Mo’Nique’s beef with Tyler Perry is over. Mo’Nique said, “I wanna give that brother credit where credit is due. We did get a call from Tyler Perry last night, but I’ll share the conversation tonight but he did call….If a brother or sister call — that brother did pick up the phone and we did have a conversation and Imma share. And I told him I was [going to share it].” Mo’Nique went in on Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey during her stand up and blamed them for blackballing her and labeling her as ‘difficult to work with. Her problem with Oprah goes back years when Oprah had her brother and parents on her show. Read more about that here. As for Tyler, if you are to believe her version of the conversation, she checked him more than once. She even said she talked to Madea. LOL Read more here.

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