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Taye Diggs Said He’s Resentful Toward Black Women


Taye Diggs said he's resentful toward Black women

Taye Diggs said he’s resentful toward Black women. The resentment is for making him feel like he can’t date White women. He said during Van Lathan of TMZ’s podcast, “Yeah, deep down inside [there’s resentment]. I don’t wanna say I suppress it but I just watch it and when it happens to you personally. Even though you understand the logic, there’s logic there—I don’t know if I can mess with a White girl now. I feel like I’ve had deal with that so long its changed what I like, what I’m attracted to. It might be racist and I don’t wanna be racist—-I’m not racist, I wasn’t raised to be attracted to one race more than the other.” More here.

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