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A Racial Slur Was Put Up Over a Black Panther Movie Sign


A racial slur was put up over a Black Panther movie sign

A racial slur was put up over a Black Panther movie sign. Did it happen at rural theater somewhere in America? Uhh, no. How about in mostly White suburb? That would be a no. It happened on a marine base in Japan. The Corps is investigating and the sign has been taken down. They did release a statement, We are aware of an incident on Camp Hansen yesterday involving the posting of a racial slur on an AAFES marquee. Please know that the language used is in direct contradiction to the core values of honor, courage, and commitment that we stand for as Marines. This type of behavior is not tolerated by the Marine Corps. The text has been removed and the incident is under investigation.” We have edited the photos due to their sickening language. We thank Marine Corps PA for their response in this matter and believe the proper authorities will get to the bottom of this incident. There is absolutely no room for this behavior.” See the pic here.

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