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Prince’s Ex-Wife Slammed Sinead O’ Connor’s Violence Allegations


Prince's ex-wife slammed Sinead O' Connor's violence allegations

Prince’s ex-wife slammed Sinead O’ Connor’s violence allegations. More than a week after Prince overdosed, Sinead spoke to Carver County, Minnesota police by phone as part of the investigation. She said Prince regularly “used hard drugs” and was violent toward women, including her. The audio of the phone call was released last week. Mayte Garcia was married to Prince from 1996 to 2000. She told TMZ he was never violent with her and she had never seen him violent to anyone else. Mayte also said Prince wasn’t doing hard drugs when they were together and she only saw him drunk once. She’s skeptical of the timing of Sinead’s allegations because Prince isn’t alive to defend himself. More here.

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