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Jamie Foxx Has Been Accused of a Slapping Incident


Jamie Foxx has been accused of a slapping incident

Jamie Foxx has been accused of a slapping incident. Now this isn’t the kind of slapping incident that we hear about normally. Jamie is accused of slapping his penis and hitting a woman’s face. The accuser has gone to the police about the alleged incident. The woman says she was at a party in Las Vegas when Jamie tried to force her to perform a sex act on him. When she refused, he hit her in the face with his member. After the alleged attack, one of Jamie’s friend supposedly told the woman to get out of the house. The woman went back to Los Angeles after the incident and went to the hospital after experiencing a panic attack. Jamie’s lawyers told TMZ that this was the first Jamie has even heard of this allegation. The attorneys also said, “Jamie emphatically denies that this incident ever occurred, and he will be filing a report with the Las Vegas Police Department against the woman for filing a false police report against him.” It allegedly happened in 2002. The statute of limitations is three years. Read more about this here.

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