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Gary Owen - The Tony Scott Interview
Gary Owen was in to promote his NYE Takeover!

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Prince’s Ex-Wife Slammed Sinead O’ Connor’s Violence Allegations

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Prince’s ex-wife slammed Sinead O’ Connor’s violence allegations. More than a week after Prince overdosed, Sinead spoke to Carver County, Minnesota police by phone as part of the investigation. She said Prince regularly “used hard drugs” and was violent toward women, including her. The audio of the phone call was released last week. Mayte Garcia was married… Read more »

Meek Mill Has Been Released From Prison Today

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Meek Mill has been released from prison today. After five months of controversy, the Supreme Court of PA made the decision to overturn a judge’s previous decision to keep Meek Mill in prison even when presented with evidence of a dirty cop. The court made the decision to overturn Judge Genece Brinkley who was severely criticized for… Read more »

A Man Got 50 Years in Prison for His Failed Fajita Fiasco

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A man got 50 years in prison for his failed fajita fiasco. Fifty-three-year-old Gilberto Escamilla pled guilty Friday to theft by a public servant. The Brownsville Herald says he told the court the fajita scheme got out of control. The scam had been going on 9 years. Gil had been getting fajitas that he ordered through his… Read more »

How Old Are Women When They Hit Their Sexual Peak

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How old are women when they hit their sexual peak? Doctors said that a woman doesn’t reach her sexual peak until later in life. But now it’s being discovered that it may actually be earlier than previously thought. Now the age of the sexual peak is in the late 20’s to mid 30’s, and that’s for… Read more »