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Allen Iverson loses his third home to foreclosure since 2011

Allen Iverson Loses His Third Home to Foreclosure Since 2011

Allen Iverson loses his third home to foreclosure since 2011.¬†Wells Fargo sued A.I. to foreclose on his Alpharetta, Ga. mansion in 2017. The bank says he missed payments on his $1.7 million mortgage and went into default. The home has¬†seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms home and a two story living room, along with a media room… Read more »

‘Bunk’ from The Wire Arrested for Laying Hands on a Woman?

Wendell Pierce, who played ‘Bunk,’ on “The Wire, was arrested Saturday. I’ll spill the tea. Lil’ Kim is this close to foreclosure. Rapper French Montana talks about the craziest rumor about him and Columbus Short is married but not to her! Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea on Smooth R&B 105.7!

Lil’ Kim – Uh Oh

Lil’ Kim is on the brink of foreclosure. Her mansion in Alpine, New Jersey, is worth $3 million. Her mortgage payments are $9,935 a month. She’s been trying to negotiate but it hasn’t happened yet. She has a hearing next month and if nothing is hammered out, the bank wants to auction it off next… Read more »