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Cardi B has come out as a bi-sexual woman

Cardi B has Come Out as a Bi-Sexual Woman

Cardi B has come out as a bi-sexual woman. Cardi was part of the Rita Ora song, “Girls,” with Bebe Rexha, and Charli XCX. The song was meant to be a bisexual anthem but has been dragged as nothing more than a song to tease men. After Rita Ora apologized and admitted to being bisexual,… Read more »

A Florida teacher used the N-word in class and watched porn in class

A Florida Teacher Used the N-Word in Class and Watched Porn in Class

A Florida teacher used the N-word in class and watched porn in class. Teacher David Swinyar at Kernan Middle school also told white female students not to date African Americans because “they’re not worth it.” He keeps his job. He did get 10 days suspension though. More here.

Toni Braxton broke down why good girls date bad boys

Toni Braxton Broke Down Why Good Girls Date Bad Boys

Toni Braxton broke down why good girls date bad boys. For her it reminds her that’s she’s alive. She told Angie Martinez, “We’re the girls who got caught up in the image of being a good girl and forgot to read the book. And forgot to be, happy. Bad boys remind you that you’re alive.” More… Read more »

Bill Cosby Sexed Teen Girls

I’m spilling the tea on Bill Cosby. He’s goingt o trial. And what he admitted in a deposition years ago isn’t good. Or timely. Two people claiming a share of Prince’s estate don’t want to be tested. And that long rumored Beyonce/Jay-Z album is done. I’m spilling the tea. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea on… Read more »

Two jurors absolutely refused to convict Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby WILL stand trial – admits to sex with teens

Bill Cosby is going to stand trial. A Pennsylvania judge found enough evidence during a hearing today to proceed with a criminal trial. It’s not clear when his trial will start. Read here for more. Also, in a deposition taken years ago in since-settled lawsuit, Bill Cosby admitted to having sex with at least two teen-aged girls. Read… Read more »

Dad Won’t Let Daughter Shave Her Legs

This email I got from a single father of three daughters and why his 12 year old can’t shave her legs for two more years begs the question, “Is he wrong?” Tell It To Tony!

Duane & Tisha Campbell-Martin Being Sued for Hiding….

I’m spilling the Tea on Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell Martin’s new twist on their bankruptcy. Adrienne Bailón of The Real addresses the haters in regard to her new man. T.I. and Tiny name their new baby girl. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea on Smooth R&B 105.7!