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Michael Rapaport says LeBron James dissed his kids

Michael Rapaport Says LeBron James Dissed His Kids

Michael Rapaport says LeBron James dissed his kids. It didn’t happen recently. It was a while back. Michael said LeBron gave his kids the Heisman and turned his back on them. He did use saltier language though. Why would LeBron do that. According to Michael, LeBron holds a grudge against him because, “their friends of… Read more »

Beyonce got a new tattoo for her kids Blue, Sir and Rumi

Beyonce Got a New Tattoo for Her Kids Blue, Sir and Rumi

Beyonce got a new tattoo for her kids Blue, Sir and Rumi. Three dots. Little bitty dots. She needs to slow down. She doesn’t want to get carried away with all that ink. LOL So I guess now every body is going to get dotted up! See here.

A mom was arrested after leaving her kids at home to go to Germany

A Mom was Arrested After Leaving Her Kids at Home to Go to Germany

A mom was arrested after leaving her kids at home to go to Germany. Erin Lee Macke, 30, was charged with four counts of child endangerment plus one count of making a firearm available to a person under the age of 21. Police in Johnston, Iowa, were called back on September 21, after some one reported young children were… Read more »

Nick Cannon released Stand for What in response to protests

Nick Cannon Is Going to Be a Dad Again!

Nick Cannon didn’t let any grass grow under his feet or any other part of his body. Just a couple of weeks after his divorce from Mariah Carey became final, Nick announced he’s going to be a dad again. Nick and his ex, Brittany Bell are expecting Nick’s this child. More here.

Scottie Pippen’s Divorce is Going to be a HOT MESS

Scottie Pippen’s divorce from hiss wife, Larsa, is going to be a hot mess. Prenup was signed but there’s a but. There’s always a but huh? Where are the kids going to live? How much money will Scottie pay Larsa? What about that life insurance policy? Man c’mon. Read here.

Master P’s Kids Write a Letter to the Judge

Master P’s kids wrote the judge a letter. I’ll spill the tea. LeBron gifts his wife a Ferrari for her birthday. Birdman gifts Toni Braxton a Bentley SUV for……And did Usain Bolt cheat on his girl with the widow of an ex drug lord? Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Terrence Howard is Going to be a “Dada” AGAIN!

Terrence Howard is going to be a dad again. This will make 5! He and his wife, Mira, Pak, are having a second child together. Terrence has daughters Aubrey and Heaven, sons Hunter, and Qirin Love. They divorced in 2013 but got back together. Terrence also is a grandfather. CONGRATS!!!!

DMX’s Girlfriend Pregnant With His 13th Child

So when you have 12 kids do you really feel like you want another one? The news that DMX’s girlfriend is pregnant with his 13th child isn’t surprising. But let me ask you something, ladies, would you have a child with someone that has 12 children and has the baggage DMX has? Love is love… Read more »