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Master P’s Kids Write a Letter to the Judge

Master P’s kids wrote the judge a letter. I’ll spill the tea. LeBron gifts his wife a Ferrari for her birthday. Birdman gifts Toni Braxton a Bentley SUV for……And did Usain Bolt cheat on his girl with the widow of an ex drug lord? Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

LeBron Gives Savannah a Testarossa!

You know us fellas gotta keep our queens riding tight. For Savannah’s 30th birthday, LeBron gave her a Ferrari Testarossa. He even put a big red bow on it. Where do you get those big red bows? Here’s what King James posted, “What A Night and what makes me happy more than anything is putting… Read more »

LeBron James continues to grow his empire with a Madame CJ Walker series

LeBron James is Criticized for Not Helping His Brother Aaron.

LeBron James and his brother Aaron have the same father. Aaron was conceived after LeBron’s father left his mother. Neither acknowledge their father. LeBron has had no relationship with his half-brother. Aaron’s mom died of cancer and Aaron reached out to Lebron for help with the burial. Read more here.

Woman hospitalized after LeBron crashes into her

No. It wasn’t a car accident. It happened during a game against OKC. It turns out the woman is the wife of pro golfer Jason Day, the number 2 golfer in the world. Ellie Day was treated and released from the hospital. LeBron said afterward, ”She squeezed my hand and said she was fine. I… Read more »

LeBron James and Showtime are collaborating on a new project

LeBron sings Purple Rain

At the Cleveland Cavs Halloween party, King James, dressed as Prince did Purple Rain. Watch this 15 second clip! Watch here too. LOL