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Cardi B is getting her own line with Fashion Nova

Cardi B is Getting Her Own Line with Fashion Nova

Cardi B is getting her own line with Fashion Nova. Cardi has said in the past how much she loves Fashion Nova. “You wanna know something, Fashion Nova is one of the only thing(s) that just fits my body. These high-end designers I love them but, none of their jeans fit this ***. None of… Read more »

JC Penney has pulled Russell Simmons' clothing line from stores

JC Penney Has Pulled Russell Simmons’ Clothing Line from Stores

JC Penney has pulled Russell Simmons’ clothing line from stores. JC Penny started carrying Russell’s Argyleculture line in September 2016. It was carried on their website and in about 80 stores. They have 875 stores. JC Penney said in a statement, “The company decided to discontinue selling Argyleculture in light of the recent allegations.” More here.

Miami O-line coach Chris Foerster has resigned after cocaine video

Miami O-Line Coach Chris Foerster Has Resigned After Cocaine Video

Miami O-line coach Chris Foerster has resigned after cocaine video. He said in a statement, “I am resigning from my position with the Miami Dolphins and accept full responsibility for my actions.” The Dolphins say he’s no longer with the team but will get him help. He sent the video to his Kijuana Nige. She’s a… Read more »

End of an Era! Jet and Ebony Sold!

I guess they finally got an offer too good to pass. After 71 years, Johnson Publishing has sold both magazines (Jet was digital only), to Austin-based Clear View Group, a private equity firm. No price was announced. What will change? Read more here.

Beyonce debuts her new line

It’s called “Ivy Park.” It’s described as an athleisure clothing line. Something between athletic and leisure wear would be my guess. LOL Ivy Park debuts April 14 at Topshop. She’s also on the cover of Elle and Elle UK. See those here.

Russell Wilson enters the fashion world

Why not? Russell Wilson is getting in the fashion business. Nothing like expanding the empire. And every purchase made from his Good Man Brand line means a donation to the Why Not You Foundation. Peep some pieces here.