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An ex-doorman says President Trump has a child with a former housekeeper

An Ex-Doorman Says Trump has a Child with a Former Housekeeper

An ex-doorman says President Trump has a child with a former housekeeper. Dino Sajudin says he was instructed not to criticize a housekeeper at one of Trump’s properties. The reason being she had a relationship with Trump and had a child with him. More here.

Janet Jackson's husband wanted a traditional wife that stuck to Muslim traditions

The Jacksons Call BS on James DeBarge Claim

The Jacksons are officially calling BS James DeBarge’s claim that he and Janet Jackson have a secret daughter. James told his daughter, Kristania, on the WeTV show, “Growing Up Hip Hop.” The Jacksons claim it’s 100% false. “This is a disturbed individual or a publicity stunt because it’s just not true.” Read more here.

SERIOUSLY? A Woman Claims to Have a Sex Tape with Muhammad Ali

A 70-year old woman claims to have a sex tape she made with Muhammad Ali back when she was allegedly his girl. Beyonce had a wardrobe malfunction that she handled like a pro. Get ready for the Shirley Chisolm story! Thanks for atching Tony’s Tea on Smooth R&B 105.7!

Prince has 700 NEW Family Members

I’m spilling the tea on Prince’s new family. It’s huge family. Plus Lee Daniels is out as director of the Richard Pryor movie and Pastor Jamal Bryant has him a secret son. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea on Smooth R&B 105.7!

Pastor Jamal Bryant and His Secret Son

Pastor Bryant, co host of the new FOX show, “Preachers,” apparently has a ‘secret son.’ A DNA test allegedly confirms it and he pays the woman $1100 a month in child support. Why does Pastor Bryant pay $1100 a month in child support? Read here.