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Bobby Brown says he taught Michael Jackson to Moonwalk

Bobby Brown Says He Taught Michael Jackson to Moonwalk

Bobby Brown says he taught Michael Jackson to Moonwalk. Usher’s firng back against his accusers. I’ll #spillthetea. Mary J. Blige says she got played and suckered by a con artist. Who happens to be her husband. Thanks for checking out Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Prince Michael Jackson didn't inherit his dad's musical abilities

Prince Michael Jackson Didn’t Inherit His Dad’s Musical Abilities

Prince Michael Jackson didn’t inherit his dad’s musical abilities. That’s what he said in an interview. “I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t do any of that. I’ve tried it [the Moonwalk] and it’s embarrassing, we can’t even talk about that.” Now watch people stay it’s because he’s not your daddy. Hater. LOL More here.

A Michael Jackson album with unreleased music is going up for auction

A Michael Jackson Album With Unreleased Music is Going Up for Auction

A Michael Jackson album with unreleased music is going up for auction. The album is actually a blank disc with “Bible” written on it. The online auction goes from July 19-28. The starting bid is $50,000. If you’re a collector then go for it! LOL Read more about the songs here.

Blanket Jackson Changed His Name and It Helped Him Big TIme

Blanket Jackson Changed His Name and It Helped Him Big TIme

Michael Jackson’s youngest child, Blanket Jackson changed his name and it helped him big time. He’s now known as Bigi. He apparently was bullied because of his name. The change is said to have helped. He was 7-years old when his father died and is now 15-years old. Bigi has changed a lot, for the… Read more »

A naked man got arrested by SWAT after a standoff on the highway

Rockwell Was Arrested for Hitting His Housekeeper Over a Sandwich

Rockwell was arrested for hitting his housekeeper over a sandwich. The incident happened yesterday afternoon in Venice, CA. It was the housekeeper who called police and said Rockwell allegedly hit her. The problem was she didn’t make his sandwich fast enough. More here.

Judge Dismisses Katherine Jackson Elder Abuse Case

The elder abuse case filed by Katherine Jackson against her nephew, Trent Jackson, has been dismissed. Trent is the son of Joseph Jackson’s brother, Luther. The trial, scheduled to begin yesterday, was dismissed partly because of Katherine lawyers unprepared to move forward. That doesn’t sound right. Read for more here.

Prince's music has been moved from Paisley Park to California

Meet Prince’s GF at Time of His Death

A search warrant from Prince’s death investigation released Monday show that Prince was romantically involved with singer Judith Glory Hill. She was a former contestant on NBC’s “The Voice.” She was also set to tour with Michael Jackson on his “This Is It,” tour in 2009. She’s also won a Grammy. Prince was sued over… Read more »

Katherine Jackson Hiding Out in London

Katherine Jackson is in London hiding out because she’s scared her nephew, Trent, will come for her. Miss Katherine says she’s on meds for the anxiety caused by Trent Jackson. She’s claiming elder abuse and says Trent got her for $40k and a Cadillac. Trent says Jermaine Jackson is behind all this. Read more here.

Paris Jackson Debuts Tomorrow Night on Stars

Paris Jackson makes her acting debut tomorrow night on FOX’s “Stars.” Paris described her character, Rachel Wallace, “This social media, photographer chick who’s really into herself. She’s just the bossiest chick in the world and doesn’t care about what anybody thinks. I think it’s a good way to show my acting capabilities.”