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Lil Kim's New Jersey mansion in on the auction block

Lil Kim’s New Jersey Mansion is on the Auction Block

Lil Kim’s New Jersey mansion is on the auction block. The mansion, in Alpine, New Jersey, went into foreclosure in 2010. Kim paid, $2.3 million for it in 2002. It’s 6000 square feet and sits on 2 acres in one of the wealthiest zip codes in the US. The auction starts at $100. More here.

Cop Who Went to the EEOC Twice Before and Won is Back With Another

Sgt. Qiana Brown of the Hillside Police Department in New Jersey and a veteran, is suing the department again. She’s won twice already and now she’s saying the department is up to its shenanigans again. She was denied promotions, not allowed to pump breast milk, and told to wear her hair like a Caucasian female officer’s… Read more »

Kendu's request for more spousal support got shot down by a judge

Mary J. Blige Slashes Price of Mansion for Fourth Time

Mary J. Blige is having a hard time selling the New Jersey mansion she shared with soon-to-be ex husband, Kendu Isaacs. In 2008, MJB, paid $12.8 million, supposedly all-cash. She listed it for $13 million two years ago and now it’s yours for $8.9 million. Read here for more.

Judge Shoots Down Sherri Shepherd’s Ex

A judge said no to Lamar Sally’s request for increased child support. The judge said that the whole matter is in New Jersey’s jurisdiction. Lamar Sally wanted an increase and his $75,000 lawyer fees paid. Sherri Shepherd pays $6400 a month. That’s more than required. Apparently the judge humiliated Lamar Sally. Read here for that.

Prince’s People Are Suing Jay-Z’s People

Mary J. Blige told GMA what was the breaking point in her mariage. I’ll #spillthetea. MJB also settled a big tax bill with New Jersey. Prince’s people are suing Jay-Z’s people. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Mary J. Blige Settles Tax Bill with New Jersey

Mary J. Blige paid the state of New Jersey over $166,000 to settle a state tax bill. She’s still reportedly on the hook for till on the hook for $3.4 million dollars in back taxes to the IRS for 2009 ($574,907.30), 2010 ($2,203,743.53) and 2011 ($647,604.60). Now if her manager, ex manager and soon to be ex husband,… Read more »

Lauryn Hill Addresses Her Tax Problems

I told you a few years days ago that Lauryn Hill has tax problems for the fourth time. She actually did time once for not paying taxes. Read what she says here.

Lauryn Hill Owes New Jersey Almost $500,000

We’ve heard this at least three different times with Lauryn Hill before. She did prison time a few years ago. Well, this time it’s New Jersey and its $438,000. This seems more like a protest against paying taxes than anything else. Good luck Miss Hill. Read and see the paperwork here.

‘Bunk’ from The Wire Arrested for Laying Hands on a Woman?

Wendell Pierce, who played ‘Bunk,’ on “The Wire, was arrested Saturday. I’ll spill the tea. Lil’ Kim is this close to foreclosure. Rapper French Montana talks about the craziest rumor about him and Columbus Short is married but not to her! Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea on Smooth R&B 105.7!

Lil’ Kim – Uh Oh

Lil’ Kim is on the brink of foreclosure. Her mansion in Alpine, New Jersey, is worth $3 million. Her mortgage payments are $9,935 a month. She’s been trying to negotiate but it hasn’t happened yet. She has a hearing next month and if nothing is hammered out, the bank wants to auction it off next… Read more »