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Queen Latifah will star in the true based story Hope's Wish

Queen Latifah will Star in the True Based Story Hope’s Wish

Queen Latifah will star in the true based story Hope’s Wish. Hope Stout is a 12-year-old girl  diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. She went on a mission to fund the wishes of all the other health-challenged children where she lived in North Carolina. Hope raised over $1 million to fund the wishes of 155 children that… Read more »

There's a pregnancy pizza that has induced labor for 64 women

There’s a Pregnancy Pizza That Has Induced Labor for 64 Women

There’s a pregnancy pizza that has induced labor for 64 women. It’s officially called the Buffalo Wing Pie at Hawthorne’s Pizza in Charlotte, North Carolina. But it’s called the Labor Inducer because it’s induced labor for women 64 times. That dates back to last March. If you are pregnant Hawthorne’s is giving new mom’s a $100 gift card… Read more »

Takiyah Thompson was Arrested for Pulling Down a Confederate Statue

Takiyah Thompson was arrested for pulling down a Confederate statue. Police in Durham, N.C., arrested Takiyah, who is 22, for allegedly tying the rope around the neck of the statue before her and others pulled it down. Takiyah was charged with disorderly conduct by injury to a statue, damage to real property, felony participation in riot… Read more »

Woman Hot After Son Breastfed By Other Woman

A woman in Carrboro, North Carolina, wants consequences and ramifications after a daycare worker was caught on video breastfeeding her child without her permission. The woman was fired but the mother wants criminal charges. Read here for more.

Rachel Dolezal to Appear at MLK Event in North Carolina

Rachel Dolezal, who was dragged big time for trying to pass herself off as Black, will speak at an MLK event in North Carolina. The theme of the event is “Healing Race Relations through Conversation and Participation.” Read more here.

5 deputies disciplined for not doing their job

Wow. That never happens. Five sheriff’s deputies were disciplined for not arresting a man who elbowed a protester in the face at a Donald Trump rally last week in North Carolina. We saw it. Rakeem Jones was elbowed in the face by John McGraw. Some of the deputy’s were demoted. Read more here.