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Most people do not want Oprah Winfrey to run for president

Most People Do Not Want Oprah Winfrey to Run for President

Most people do not want Oprah Winfrey to run for president. Oprah’s Golden Globe’s speech last weekend had everyone hot and bothered about Oprah and 2020. A poll says only 35% want Oprah to run. 54% said they do not want Oprah to run and 11% were not sure. These polls always make me laugh…. Read more »

Stacey Dash comes for Oprah and the world ain't having it

Stacey Dash Comes for Oprah and the World Ain’t Having It

Stacey Dash comes for Oprah and the world ain’t having it. Stacey Dash apparently isn’t feeling #Oprah2020. Stacey tweeted an article, “Oprah Under the Microscope: 12 Skeletons She Can No Longer Hide In Her Closet.” Stacey also added, “This cannot be dismissed. Oprah must be forced to answer to these if she’s going to ask for our… Read more »

Oprah's property was damaged after the California mudslide

Oprah’s Property was Damaged After the California Mudslide

Oprah’s property was damaged after the California mudslide. The mudslide is affecting not only private citizens but celebrities too. Oprah’s property very close to the California wildfires recently.  Ellen DeGeneres and tennis legend Jimmy Connors were also affected. More here. Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern. My property is fine.Some mud , and minor… Read more »

President Trump Said He Would Beat Oprah in a Presidential Race

President Trump said he would beat Oprah in a presidential race. Well what else would he say? He added that he knows her very well and one of her last shows was with him. I don’t think Oprah will run. She can do more for the world with what she’s doing now.

Stedman says Oprah will run for President if the people want it

Stedman Says Oprah Will Run for President If the People Want It

Stedman says Oprah will run for President if the people want it. CNN reports Oprah’s inner circle have been urging her to run. #Oprah2020 has been trending since the speech she gave last night at the Golden Globe awards. The topic of Oprah running for president has been brought up before but she has said… Read more »

Tyrese says he's going to do a rap album

Tyrese Says He’s Going To Do a Rap Album

Tyrese says he’s going to do a rap album. I’ll #spillthetea. Kerry Washington will produce a drama series for Facebook. Shonda Rhimes will get very special HUGE honor tomorrow. Thanks for watching #TonysTea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Steve Harvey's new talk show premiere's next month

Steve Harvey’s New Talk Show Premiere’s Next Month

Steve Harvey’s new talk show premiere’s next month. He moved operations to Los Angeles and rolls out the new show September 5th. Steve says it’ll have a late night feel. “I created a concept with [Executive Producer] Shane [Farley]. I wanted to bring late night TV to daytime. I think that’s what’s missing. After doing… Read more »