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Julius Erving was rushed to a Philadelphia hospital last night

Julius Erving was Rushed to a Philadelphia Hospital Last Night

Julius Erving was rushed to a Philadelphia hospital last night. Dr. J was attending a game between the 76ers and Detroit Pistons. He rang the Liberty Bell before the tipoff and taken to a suite afterwards. He was taken from the suite in a wheel chair and to a hospital. Julius Erving is 67-years old…. Read more »

A woman wants $50,000 from Trey Songz

A Woman Wants $50,000 from Trey Songz

A woman wants $50,000 from Trey Songz. I’ll #spillthetea. JC Penney cancels Russell Simmons and Ray J is NOT joining a TV show. Thanks for watching #TonysTea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Bad News Dept: Man Turns Down Private Dance at Strip Club

A man in Philly is suing a strip club because a dancer stabbed in the neck for refusing a private dance. He turned her down and she still wanted a tip. That didn’t happen so she allegedly got a piece of glass, broke it, and shanked his neck. Read more on this here.

112 Member’s Audi Gets Jacked

Q Parker of the R&B group 112 was in Atlanta on Father’s Day and stopped for a minute. That’s all it takes. If you see an Audi A8 with Georgia plates and the driver looks 14-years old, call 911. Read details here.