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A new song From Prince's father John Nelson is out today

A New Song From Prince’s Father John Nelson is Out Today

A new song From Prince’s father John Nelson is out today. It’s called “Heart of Mine.” It’s the first single from “Don’t Play With Love, The John L. Nelson Project.”  That drops Oct. 27. John Nelson co-wrote a lot of Prince’s music including “Purple Rain. He died at age 85 in 2001. He would be 101… Read more »

Chaka Khan will put out a Prince duet album next year

Chaka Khan Will Put Out a Prince Duet Album Next Year

Chaka Khan will put out a Prince duet album next year. Chaka recorded several tracks with Prince before died. Chaka says, “I own half an album that we did together, recorded at my house, so we will be doing that, probably next year.” Whether Prince’s estate will be cool with is unknown. It’s not even known if… Read more »

Prince's Sister Tyka Nelson Was Once a Drug Addicted Prostitute

Prince’s Sister Tyka Was Once a Drug Addicted Prostitute

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson was once a drug addicted prostitute. She refused Prince’s help for her musical career. She pawned a car Prince gave her and her children’s TV for drugs. She fed her babies buy selling her body. Prince put her in rehab. She also says she felt some kind of way when he’d come… Read more »

Chaka Khan will put out a Prince duet album next year

Prince’s Toronto Home for Sale

Prince bought a home in Toronto around 2001. It was put on the market for $9.5 million two years ago. Well it back on the market and can be yours for $13,186,500. It’s 14,500 square feet, has purple carpet. Drake has a home in the neighborhood if that makes a difference for you. See the… Read more »

Prince Sold More Music Than Anybody in 2016

Prince sold more albums than anyone in 2016, including Adele, who moved A LOT of music last year. Altogether Prince sold 7.7 million songs and albums. His biggest sellers were The Very Best of Prince, Purple Rain, and 1999. Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, and Let’s Go Crazy, were his biggest selling singles of 2016. More here.

Meet Prince’s GF at Time of His Death

A search warrant from Prince’s death investigation released Monday show that Prince was romantically involved with singer Judith Glory Hill. She was a former contestant on NBC’s “The Voice.” She was also set to tour with Michael Jackson on his “This Is It,” tour in 2009. She’s also won a Grammy. Prince was sued over… Read more »

Chaka Khan will put out a Prince duet album next year

Listen to Prince’s New Song “Deliverance”

Prince’s new song, “Deliverance,” from an EP that’s coming soon, may not come at all. The Prince estate is going to court to stop it. Paisley Park and Prince’s estate say in a lawsuit that Prince’s engineer of many years, George Ian Boxill has five unpublished Prince tracks recorded in 2006. One of them being “Deliverance.” They claim… Read more »