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Rachel Dolezal to Appear at MLK Event in North Carolina

Rachel Dolezal, who was dragged big time for trying to pass herself off as Black, will speak at an MLK event in North Carolina. The theme of the event is “Healing Race Relations through Conversation and Participation.” Read more here.

Oprah to Make First Ever Appearance at ESSENCE Festival

I don’t know what’s harder to believe. That the ESSENCE Festival is 21 (where’d the time go?) or that Oprah is appearing at the festival for the first time. ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Vanessa De Luca, said in a statement, “Oprah’s message of inspiration is universal and, through her life’s work, she has influenced women and girls across the… Read more »

Would you? For your unborn baby?

Babypod is a product for moms and their unborn baby. One end is connected to your device. The other end, the speaker, is inserted in your vagina. It’s supposed to increase cognitive development in your unborn baby. Would you? Tell it to Tony on Smooth R&B 105.7!