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Stacey Dash comes for Oprah and the world ain't having it

Stacey Dash Comes for Oprah and the World Ain’t Having It

Stacey Dash comes for Oprah and the world ain’t having it. Stacey Dash apparently isn’t feeling #Oprah2020. Stacey tweeted an article, “Oprah Under the Microscope: 12 Skeletons She Can No Longer Hide In Her Closet.” Stacey also added, “This cannot be dismissed. Oprah must be forced to answer to these if she’s going to ask for our… Read more »

Beyhive Goes in on Stacey Dash!

It all started over a post Tina Lawson, Beyonce’s mom made about Kelly Rowland dressing as Dionne, Stacey Dash’s character in the movie, “Clueless.” Stacey’s response was shady. Then the Beehive came for Stacey. Read this mess here.