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A woman wants $50,000 from Trey Songz

A Woman Wants $50,000 from Trey Songz

A woman wants $50,000 from Trey Songz. I’ll #spillthetea. JC Penney cancels Russell Simmons and Ray J is NOT joining a TV show. Thanks for watching #TonysTea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

The Gap got Cher and Future together for a TV commercial

Future Drops $22,000 at Strip Club

Future was in Memphis for a concert and afterwards hit up the strip club, V Live. He performed a couple of songs and dancers apparently made $22,000 dancing for Future. Yeah, well, in other news…LOL. Must be nice to support local business on that level. More here.

Amber Rose is seriously considering breast reduction surgery

Strip Club Calls BS on Amber Rose

Amber Rose announced a few days ago that she bought L.A. strip club Ace of Diamonds. The club is calling BS on Amber and are suing her for slander. They want $1 million. Amber says she has receipts. Read here for more.

Amber Rose Buys L.A. Strip Club

Amber Rose has bought the Los Angeles strip club, Ace of Diamonds. She recently announced it, maybe not officially, but she did say, “I was a stripper for a very long time. Best time of my life, by the way. But do y’all know ‘Ace of Diamonds’? Well, I bought it.” Her world. Yup. Congrats!… Read more »

Cam Newton has been fired by Danon Yogurt over sexist comments

Was Cam Newton Benched for Not Wearing a Tie or Because….

A report says Cam Newton wasn’t benched for the first offensive series for the Carolina Panthers Sunday in their game against the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle won. It’s allegedly because he was at a strip club. That apparently is a team no-no. Read here.

Bad News Dept: Man Turns Down Private Dance at Strip Club

A man in Philly is suing a strip club because a dancer stabbed in the neck for refusing a private dance. He turned her down and she still wanted a tip. That didn’t happen so she allegedly got a piece of glass, broke it, and shanked his neck. Read more on this here.

Who Knew Strip Clubs Have Job Fairs?

I’m the first to admit I know nothing about strip clubs. I don’t know where one is in town. That ain’t my world. I have wondered how they find the ladies they hire. And then I saw this nugget. Two thousand women showed up in Atlanta. Three hundred were hired. I bet their families are… Read more »

Kirk Franklin gets a challenge from rapper Plies

Plies challenged Kirk Franklin to come to a strip club. If he does, Plies will go to church with Kirk. Will Kirk go? Would you? Kirks response is here. If I’m Kirk? Nah. I’m not going. It’s a publicity stunt.