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Wendy Williams says nobody cares about Ashanti's music

Wendy Williams Says Nobody Cares About Ashanti’s Music

Wendy Williams says nobody cares about Ashanti’s music. Wendy was speaking about Ashanti because of her appearance on Joe Budden’s “Everyday Struggle.” The two had an argument because Ashanti was upset that money was thrown at her while performing. Joe says she was dressed like a stripper. You can check that out below. Wendy weighed… Read more »

Bad News Dept: Man Turns Down Private Dance at Strip Club

A man in Philly is suing a strip club because a dancer stabbed in the neck for refusing a private dance. He turned her down and she still wanted a tip. That didn’t happen so she allegedly got a piece of glass, broke it, and shanked his neck. Read more on this here.

Who Knew Strip Clubs Have Job Fairs?

I’m the first to admit I know nothing about strip clubs. I don’t know where one is in town. That ain’t my world. I have wondered how they find the ladies they hire. And then I saw this nugget. Two thousand women showed up in Atlanta. Three hundred were hired. I bet their families are… Read more »