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Matt Lauer was Fired by the Today Show

Matt Lauer was Fired by the Today Show

Matt Lauer was fired by the Today Show. I’ll #spillthetea. Beyonce had Instagram’s most liked post of 2017. Timbaland admits he was once seriously addicted to a drug. Thanks for watching #TonysTea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Timbaland was once addicted to OxyContin and almost OD'ed

Timbaland was Once Addicted to OxyContin and Almost OD’ed

Timbaland was once addicted to OxyContin and almost OD’ed. He started taking Oxy in his 30s to deal with pain and nerve damage from being shot when he was a teenager. He ramped up the use when his marriage ended. His girlfriend says, “It was so bad, to the point where I couldn’t even sleep…. Read more »

Deion Sanders’ Son Accused of Beatdown

Deion Sanders teenage son is accused of beating a high School employee so bad that the employee needed spinal surgery. It was all over a cell phone. It happened in September 2015. It comes out now because the insurance company that paid the workers comp wants their payout reimbursed. Details here.

Two jurors absolutely refused to convict Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby WILL stand trial – admits to sex with teens

Bill Cosby is going to stand trial. A Pennsylvania judge found enough evidence during a hearing today to proceed with a criminal trial. It’s not clear when his trial will start. Read here for more. Also, in a deposition taken years ago in since-settled lawsuit, Bill Cosby admitted to having sex with at least two teen-aged girls. Read… Read more »

17 and pregnant. And she won’t say who the father is

Dear Tony, My 17 year old daughter announced she’s pregnant. I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. The thing is she won’t say who the father is. I’ve tried, my mother tried, my sister tried. Her father says why bother asking? If she won’t say she won’t say. We need to know! Any suggestions?