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Alicia Keys and John Legend want to know if you need a lift, bro on new episode of Carpool Karaoke


ABC/Randy HolmesThe second episode of Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke: The Series debuted Wednesday, but if you have yet to watch it, there’s a teaser clip now posted on YouTube.  

It shows Alicia Keys and John Legend proving to Late Late Show host James Corden that the duo can make anything sound good. 

Throughout the visual, Corden tests Alicia and John’s musical skills by giving them some made-up lyrics to sing, like, “Do you need a lift bro?” and “Natural deodorant makes promises it just can’t keep.”  

Of course, both Grammy-winning artists nicely rise to the challenge. 

“I use natural deodorant and me and my husband we talk about this all the time,” says Alicia, before belting out the hilarious statement in song on the spot.  

John then sings, “Why do I, why do I, why do I still stink?” 

You can watch the full episode on iTunes now.  

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