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Beyoncé Wants Lemonade Lawsuit Dismissed


Cliff Lipson/CBSBeyoncé‘s visual album, Lemonade, has received critical acclaim, numerous award nominations — and a lawsuit.

The artist was sued in June by independent filmmaker Matthew Fulks, who believes that the musical artist used visual ideas from his short film, Palinoia, for Lemonade. However, Beyoncé’s lawyer, Tom Ferber, has moved to have the lawsuit dismissed arguing that Fulks’ claims involve such broad abstractions that there’s no infringement, says The Hollywood Reporter.   

The motion to dismiss the lawsuit was filed Friday in federal District Court in New York.

The complaint “describes elements and features of the works in abstractions so broad as to be meaningless,” the motion argues, “because, as even a cursory review of the parties’ works makes clear, at the level of copyrightable expression the works are markedly dissimilar.”

A hearing in case is scheduled for August 25.  

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