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Bey’s #BeforeILetGo Challenge Continues!


Twitter user and choreographer @KingChuckaduck did it up big in NYC by gathering a large group of beautiful melanated ladies (young and old) for the #beforeiletgochallenge.

Blame it on #Beyonce!  After her smash rendition of Frankie Beverly’s ‘Before I Let Go.’  She launched the challenge and let social media took it from there!

As @KingChuckaduck wrote on his Twitter page, “It’s more than a challenge … It’s about spreading joy to folks through the art of dance!

He says he absolutely loved how most of the people today learned the choreography form Ig and came ready! I remember watching videos and learning choreo, the feeling I got when I finally got each step is a feeling unmatched. #charlessmithchoreography #beyonce #beyhive


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