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Bubble burst: All about Rihanna’s role in Valerian


STX FilmsIf you’re a Rihanna fan, the good news is that you’ll get to see her the new movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which opens later this month.  The bad news?  She’s only in it for about five minutes…sort of.

As you may already know, in the $180 million sci-fi epic, Rihanna plays Bubble, a shape-shifting alien who performs in a sex club run by Ethan Hawke‘s character, Jolly the Pimp.  Valerian, played by Dane DeHaan, stops in at the club and that’s where the two meet.

But according to — spoiler alert! — Rihanna’s Bubble isn’t just a sex bomb; she’s a tragic figure.  Turns out she was sold into slavery and forced to perform at the club.  Vulture says, “RiRi’s face may only appear in [the movie] for five minutes…but that’s plenty of time for her to totally steal the movie.”

Now about that whole “RiRi’s face” thing: according to Vulture, Rihanna’s character is actually in the movie for 20 minutes, but she only looks like Rihanna for five.  The rest of the time, says the website, she’s “voicing a really ugly CGI alien” that looks like “a cross between a hammerhead shark and a [two-legged] hippo.”

Speaking about Rihanna’s performance, Valerian director Luc Besson told Vulture that it was a “pure pleasure” to work with her, adding, “Some people doubt that she can act, but in the film, she proved that she can act.”

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets arrives in theaters on July 21.


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