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Ginuwine says he wanted a TGT reunion once business was taken care of


Courtesy It Is Done CommunicationsIt appears that Ginuwine has reason to be angry about Tyrese‘s latest statements concerning their former R&B supergroup, TGT.  

While the Fate of the Furious star claims that his latest projects are allegedly putting more than enough money in his pockets these days, Ginuwine previously told ABC Radio that he was still open to making new music with the now-defunct band. 

“I’m one of the guys in the group like if it’s not gonna be perfect and right, I, I just can’t do it,” said Ginuwine.

 “So, once we get it together, we’re still friends, but once we get it together, the business, then I’ll come back and do it. They’re ready now, but certain business aspects of the whole thing is not taken care of.” 

However, in a recent interview, Tyrese made it known that Ginuwine and former group mate Tank shouldn’t get their hopes up for a TGT reunion, which led to a now-deleted Instagram rant from Ginuwine, who wrote, “Right now I’m mad at my brotha I hate when s*** goes viral when we grown men hit me but don’t make me look miniscule kid.”

Ginuwine then added, “I’m not a pawn F*** DAT let’s keep it real 100!!!! Not sure king wanna do dis!!”    

Tank eventually responded to Ginuwine, writing, “This guy.. @ginuwine please don’t respond to this foolishness..,” to which Ginuwine replied, “ok I won’t but that was the total wackiness bro I mean really??”

Ginuwine, Tyrese, and Tank formed TGT in 2007. The trio found success with their debut 2013 album Three Kings and earned Grammy, Soul Train Award and BET Award nominations.  

However, the group eventually split in 2008, due to issues with their label and legal troubles. 

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