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I feel free, says Stokely Williams about his forthcoming album, ‘Sankofa’


Ethan Miller/BET/Getty Images for BETVocalist Stokely Williams is focused on his solo career and following up his debut album, Introducing Stokely, with new music.  

The longtime Mint Condition singer tells ABC Audio he feels more “free” this time around releasing his sophomore album, Sankofa

“I don’t really feel pressure. I feel free,” says Stokely. “I feel very, very fortunate. I’ve been doing this thing a long time and I feel like everything has prepared me for this. All the way from the band [Mint Condition] to producing [my] solo album and all the way to just getting better and growing it. So all of those experiences get you ready for the next one.”

He admits he’s openly embraced the “natural progression” he’s experienced going from singer/songwriter on his 2018 debut to producing for his forthcoming album and others.  

“I look at life and just my journey…I’m trying to really pay attention to the moments. I know we say be in the moment, but what does that really mean?” he explains. “It’s like you really have to pay attention. I’m detailed and I’m pretty hands on with everybody that I worked with. And this project has been definitely better on a few different levels. And that’s how it should be.”

“[Introducing Stokely] was good. It…opened the door for another perspective that people didn’t know. They know me [as] the balladeer with Mint Condition, the musician, the performer, that kind of thing,” he continues. “But now I’m more of a producer for other artists as well, whether it’s different genres, whether it be R&B, whether it be hip hop, whether it be being a mentor to some of the folks I’ve been mentoring. A lot of these things within the Sankofa experience got me ready.” 

Sankofa arrives April 5.

By Rachel George
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