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JAY-Z protégé Victory finds herself competing with Jay and Bey’s new album, ‘Everything Is Love’


Roc NationJAY-Z’s new Roc Nation artist, Victory, was thrilled to release her debut album, The Broken Instrument, on Friday.  Then she discovered she was competing with the new Jay and Beyoncé album, Everything Is Love.  

“I listened to it last night,” Victory told ABC Radio after performing on Good Morning America Monday.  “When I first heard that they dropped an album, I was so surprised and excited to listen to it,” she says. “I was like, Oh my goodness, a new JAY-Z and Beyoncé album just came out. I was so happy and then I realized, wait a second, my album just came out yesterday!”

Everything Is Love contains nine songs, including the single, Apes**t.”  Victory already has own her special tune from the album.  “My favorite song on there is ‘Friends,’” she says. “It just was so clever.”  

Victory released The Broken Instrument Friday on streaming platforms; physical copies will go on sale this coming Friday. Even though the Detroit native realizes Everything Is Love is now dominating the music world, she believes music will receive the attention it deserves, in time.  

“There is some effect that happens when someone as ‘ginormous’ as Beyoncé and JAY-Z release a project the day after yours and you’re a new artist,” Victory says. “I think it even affected Nas as well, and he’s not a new artist, but I think that the music on my album is timeless and there will be other opportunities for people to discover it.” 

Victory is touring as Lauryn Hill’s opening act on select dates.  July 6, she’ll perform at the EssenceFestival in New Orleans.

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