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Justine Skye releases No Options, and Ro James waits for love on Plan B


Sarah Morris/Getty ImagesQuarantine just got better.

Justine Skye shared a brazen new single, “No Options” from her forthcoming EP Bare With Me, not to be confused with Teyana Taylor‘s “Bare With Me,” which was released yesterday. 

The melodic track finds Skye speaking those who have left or want to leave a toxic relationship.

“You got me sick, you’re so toxic/ Our love blew up, catastrophic / I feel like we have no options, Want something real but it’s not this,” she soothingly sings. 

Skye is also gearing up to release her highly-anticipated EP with legendary producer and co-creator of the Verzuz series, Timbaland. The two creatively collaborated on that first-ever Instagram EP series, Space & Time Sessions.

Meanwhile, Ro James says he’s willing to wait for love on his new single, “Plan B” featuring Brandy. The single comes from his upcoming sophomore album MANTIC, expected May 29. 

This album plans to be vulnerable, exploring the “knowledge of the future through supernatural means.”

“The music I create evokes a feeling of romance, but I wanted to dissect that word and break it down by taking the ‘Ro’ out of it,” James told RESPECT Magazine on the album’s inspiration. 

MANTIC refers to divination and prophecy — seeking knowledge of the future through supernatural means,” he added.

“Speaking things into existence and living forward, having faith in where you’re supposed to be, and where you’re going.”

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