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Kevin Hart on why he defends Ellen DeGeneres and Nick Cannon


Roy Rochlin/Getty ImagesThey say you’ve got to have tough skin when you work in the entertainment industry but what Kevin Hart knows it that it also helps to have great friends — which is why he’s been vocal about his experiences with Ellen DeGeneres and Nick Cannon

In an interview with Deadline published on Tuesday, the 41-year-old comedian opened up about why he chose to support DeGeneres, who is facing allegations of fostering a toxic work environment, and Cannon, who was recently fired from ViacomCBS after making anti-Semitic comments. And as it turns out, the reason is because “I know who they are.”

Hart explained, “I don’t lose sight of the definition of friendship, and in our business, it’s one thing that people don’t really hold on to. There’s a lot of relationships that are fake, and there’s some that are real. In my case, the ones that are real are the ones that I’m always going to be adamant about speaking on behalf of.”

“I know the people that both of them are, and knowing the people, all I can say is my experiences with those people,” he elaborated. “That’s not to take away from what other people are saying that they have had, and that they have done. It’s just to highlight what I’m saying I know, and what I can speak on behalf of.”

The Jumanji star added, “When it comes to Nick, and it comes Ellen, I know who they are, and I know who they’ve been for the years that I’ve been around them, and I can only speak to that. Those are two of the most amazing people that I know.”

By Danielle Long
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