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Major Key Alert: Wyclef Jean Says DJ Khaled May Be Able to Bring the Fugees Back Together


Karl Ferguson Jr.Wyclef Jean is sending a direct message to his Fugees crew: He wants an official reunion and he feels DJ Khaled can make it happen.

Jean, who is gearing up for the September 30 release of his EP, J’ouvert [pr: zhoo-VAIR], says he knows fans wants a Fugees reunion, and he’s right there with them. Clef tells ABC Radio, “I’m on the side of the fans saying, ‘What’s up with a reunion? Can we get that, can we get that energy going?’ And once again, [Lauryn Hill‘s] probably listening to this, Pras is probably listening to this. So I think it would be a great thing.”

According to the Carnival singer, a Fugees reunion could actually be forthcoming, if DJ Khaled got involved. “The closest we’ve gotten so far I guess would be the DJ Khaled letter to the Fugees which was the sample called “Oh La La La” which he cleared…. And Lauryn sent him a letter back thanking him. And I just got back from vacation, so I’m going to send him a letter also, right, this week.”

He laughs adding, “So who knows, maybe DJ Khaled will put the Fugees back together, I don’t know.”

Khaled’s new album, Major Key, which charted at number one on the Billboard 200, uses a sample from the Fugees anthem “Fu-Gee-La” on his track with Nas, “Nas Album Done.” Like Lauryn, whoexpressed to Khaled that Fu-Gee-La was a “special song,” Clef, agrees about the impact that their music made and says there is “no bad blood” between him, Lauryn and Pras.

He tells ABC Radio, “Rolling Stones, all kind of bands get back together… So it would be a great thing to get back together and rock out.” 

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