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Mandisa: Out of the Dark and into the light


Scott Legato/Getty ImagesThe death of Mandisa‘s friend Kisha — who lost her battle to breast cancer several years ago — caused the American Idol alum to go into a deep depression.  

But now the Grammy-winning singer is in a happier place, thanks to forgiveness, and an intervention.

The singer tells ABC Radio, “When she [Kisha] passed away, it just shook the foundation underneath me and I sank into a deep depression. I was angry at God and instead of yelling and screaming, which I think He actually wants us to do, I shut down and I ignored Him and I ignored everybody who loved me.”    

Mandisa feels better now, thanks to the help of her community, her ability to forgive herself, and her focus on her future.  

But sometimes certain accomplishments, such as performing for the first time ever on Good Morning America earlier this week, remind her of past mistakes. 

“I kind of had a flashback of standing on the stage in front of Simon Cowell and having him say some not-so-nice things about me,” she tells ABC Radio, referring to her experience on season 5 of Idol.

“But then I remembered the moment I told Simon that I forgave him because Jesus forgave me for all that I’ve done wrong,” she adds. “And so I could extend that same grace to him.”

Mandisa’s new album, Out of the Dark, will see the light of day on May 19. 

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