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Marsha Ambrosius recognizes “Black Lives Matter” in “Old Times” video featuring her husband and daughter


Dez BillupsMarsha Ambrosius’ new “Old Times” video features her daughter and her husband, and she says the video reflects her fear that he could become a victim of police brutality.

“When I wrote it, it was really an endearing nod and note to those that have experienced tragedies,” Ambrosius tells ABC Radio, “and having to look on social media and see hashtag RIP these names that we would have never had heard of otherwise.”

In the “Old Times” video, Ambrosius’ husband Dez is randomly stopped while walking down the street and faces police pointing loaded guns. We see his body fall to the ground, apparently shot by the officers.

“Current state of affairs and the social climate right now has borderline traumatized many,” says Ambrosius, “and we don’t realize it because you have to find the space in your heart to mourn those that we don’t know.”

“Like every time I pick up my phone and panic like CNN breaking news,” the Grammy nominee says. “I’m oh my God, what’s happened now.”

The former member of Floetry says because of the constant police abuse, when she is apart from her husband, she fears he could become a statistic.

“If you don’t call me back, if you don’t text me back, I’m not thinking, oh well he might be out with somebody else,” says Ambrosius. “It’s not that no more, we trust one another enough. I’d much prefer that be the reality before I think about him being stopped by the police which sounds incredibly insane, but it’s just the reality of things.”  

“Old Times” is the first single from Ambrosius’ third studio album, named after her daughter Nyla, which will be released later this year.

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